GTA02 is currently (September 2007) undergoing evaluation of different GTA02v2 designs, to determine optimum GPS chipset, and other things. (Source: IRC – mickeyl)

This will then be distributed to a short list of qualified developers.

If these tests have positive results, then the device will go on mass market sale.

Estimated timeline (see Talk page):

* Sep 20 – GTA02v3 design finalised.
* Oct 20 – GTA02v3 design produced, and shipped to qualified developers.
* Nov 20 – GTA02v3 design verified through testing by developers.
* Dec 10 – GTA02v3 produced in moderate volume
* Dec 20 – GTA02v3 goes on sale
* Dec 25 – GTA02v3 arrives. See Santa’s Sleigh Package Service