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Started in 2002 in Athens Greece, Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network (AWMN) is a grassroot wireless community, taking advantage of new, state of the art wireless technologies, to connect people and services. Its members are node owners, comprising the Athens metropolitan area network, which is open to everyone who wants to participate. Nearly 2000 members are already connected and more than 6,000 people have stated their intention to connect in the near future.[1]

A.W.M.N. aims to promote wireless communications as well as bidirectional broadband digital telecommunication services to the general public as a non-profit activity, in cooperation with educational institutions, state authorities and other grassroot wireless communities in Greece.

Its aims include:

  • To establish, develop and maintain a community wireless network connecting people and services.
  • To develop technologies based on wireless and digital telecommunications
  • To train people in the usage of wireless and digital telecommunications.
  • To promote and encourage volunteerism and active participation