2. Introduction

Setting up a WNAP (or Wireless Network Access Point) can be as complicated as you want or as easy as you want.    The first thing to remember is you’re basically adding wireless functionality   to your existing network.  In some cases your existing network may only be your Internet connection, and one computer (yes that actually constitues a network).  In other cases your network may be a sprawling home network with wiring spanning everywhere, a server in the basement, and that one ugly 100 ft. cable run across your kitchen floor. 

This   document is by no means a complete and/or comprehensive document.  There is far too much information already out there if you’re interested in learning   more.  However this is a good starting point for building your own WNAP.  You may find what others or others have done to be more useful to you. Plus the New York City Wireless group has a pretty good FAQ for a starting point on wireless stuff. BC Wireless has a very well compiled Library of documents you may also find helpful. Plus you can add your own links if you feel like they can be of use.

The Wireless Network Access Point setup mini-HOWTO

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How to setup a Wireless Network Access Point (WNAP).

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2. Introduction

3. Philosophy

4. Getting Started

5. Components and Definitions

6. Type I “All in one” setup

7. Type II “Just the wireless” setup

8. Type III “Do it yourself” setup

9. Going the distance & Future Considerations

10. The Last Step