Music in 2015 – Totally Secure, Really (like… completely) Scarce and So Very Very Valuable (again)

Warning: this is fiction. For now.

June 1, 2015

The herculean efforts of the world’s most eminent legitimate music rights- and intellectual property owners, represented by the RIAFPIAAMP (the all-encompassing global content producers’ organization led by former U.S. President George ‘Hard Work’ Bush whose favorite battle cries “We have a right to get paid a lot more, dammit” and “Copyright-is-worth-dying-for”
are now found even on free coffee-mugs and roadside bulletin boards)
and the organization’s numerous allies from law enforcement, the
military and leading anti-terrorist experts around the world have
finally been victorious: Music is now 100% scarce again, and the threat
of hardened juvenile criminals and the so-called Digital Natives
freeloading via the Internet without restraint has been eradicated.

The War on Sharing was costly, indeed: tens of billions of $s, Euros,
Yens and Rupees were spend and some unfortunate collateral damage had
to be absorbed as well, but finally the battle has been won by the
rightful leaders of the global music industry corporations – music is,
once again, totally and permanently secured and under the rights
holders’ exclusive and unflinching control. Copyright is sacred again –

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