Running on a well balanced mix of open source hardware and network security testing software, NeoPwn has been a long awaited pocket penetration testing platform. This is the first ever network auditing distribution for a mobile phone.

The NeoPwn uses the base platform of the Openmoko Neo Freerunner, which offers USB WLAN support, a GPS Modem, a GPRS Modem for cellular connectivity, and an CSR based Bluetooth module. The USB hostmode will also allow for a range of other devices and peripherials.

Neopwn runs on an optimized FULL custom Debian operating system that boots off of a microSD card with a custom Linux kernel, with a vast support range for module drivers, allowing the network security tester the ability to perform various network penetration auditing tasks that are normally carried out on a notebook or desktop workstation.

Many open source penetration testing applications have been ported specifically to the NeoPwn, and include (but not limited to):

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