Multiple partitions on a CF / SD card


up multiple partitions on a CF or SD card may be quite useful. For
example, to flash a new ROM image to a 5000/5500 you need a FAT
partition on your CF card. On the other hand, installing programs to a
card often requires a partition with symbolic linking support (i.e. not
FAT). With a multi-partition setup, you can have your cake and eat it
too – provided your cake is big enough (at least 64 MB).

Here is a step-by-step guide for setting up two partitions on a
CF or an SD card: a FAT one and an ext2 one. It is based on the
excellent Step-by-step CF/SD fdisk/formatting for newbies
Howto. See the bottom of this page for notes on differences in an SD
setup. (Note: 3.5.3 calls the second SD partition “card1”. The original
instructions were for calling it “card2”, so this becomes a problem
when the system is rebooted. It’s probably more complicated for CF
cards because of the second CF that is included in the SL6000 hardware.
If you know how it works, update this page.)

The 3.5.3 distribution includes the required programs fdisk and mkfs.ext2, but does not include mkfs.msdos. You can get that by installing the dosftools package.