lista de commandos mysql

lista de comandos postgreSQL

Apart from select statements you can use the following commands on psql prompt -
\d [NAME] describe table, index, sequence, or view
\d{t|i|s|v|S} [PATTERN] (add “+” for more detail)
list tables/indexes/sequences/views/system tables
\da [PATTERN] list aggregate functions
\db [PATTERN] list tablespaces (add “+” for more detail)
\dc [PATTERN] list conversions
\dC list casts
\dd [PATTERN] show comment for object
\dD [PATTERN] list domains
\df [PATTERN] list functions (add “+” for more detail)
\dg [PATTERN] list groups
\dn [PATTERN] list schemas (add “+” for more detail)
\do [NAME] list operators
\dl list large objects, same as \lo_list
\dp [PATTERN] list table, view, and sequence access privileges
\dT [PATTERN] list data types (add “+” for more detail)
\du [PATTERN] list users
\l list all databases (add “+” for more detail)
\z [PATTERN] list table, view, and sequence access privileges (same as \dp)

Start postgreSQL:
# /etc/rc.d/postgresql start

Login username "postgres":
# su - postgres
# psql -l (view all databases)

Create a database:
# createdb mydb -O user_que_vai_usar_a_DB
Remove database:
# dropdb mydp
Remove username:
#dropuser mysamplename

# pg_dump mydb > db_str_and_data.out (single database)
# pg_dumpall > db_structure_and_data.out (all databases)
# pg_dumpall -a > db_data_only.out
# pg_dumpall -s > db_structure_only.out
# psql mydb < db_structure_and_data.out