When I was younger I lived in fear
That incarceration of some kind is near
I checked my head in tact with rules
I nearly became a goddamn fool

But I’ve heard voices not in the head
Out in the air they called ahead
Through ripped out speakers
Through thick and thin
They found a shelter
Under my skin

How many darkest moments and traps
Still lay ahead of us

How many final frontiers
We gonna mount
And maybe no victory laps

But if you stepped on path of sacred art
and stuck it out through thick and thin

God knows you become one
With undestructable

And so no longer live I in fear
Them are too greedy to pay my asylum bills
This is my life and freedom is my profession
This is my mission throughout all flight duration
There is a core and it’s hardcore
All is hardcore when made with love
Love is a voice of a savage soul
This savage love is

Gogol…. Great Stuff!!!