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Movie Industry: DRM Is For Customers, Not For Members

Written by Ernesto on December 27, 2007

A DVD-player that has been designed to prevent DVD-screeners from leaking to the public will be phased out because industry insiders say the DRM hurts their viewing pleasure. It seems that DRM is fine when it’s annoying the public but unacceptable when it’s affecting them.

This week several DVD-screeners leaked on BitTorrent. “I Am Legend”, “Gone Baby Gone” and several other movies showed up at BitTorrent sites, presumably leaked with the help of industry insiders.

December is traditionally the month when a lot DVD-screeners are sent out to the Oscar voters, and also the time when a lot of these screeners leak. Unfortunately for some, there are pirates among the members of this elite group of movie industry insiders, and measures have to be taken to make it harder to leak the films.

One of the measures is watermarking where the DVD-screeners all get a unique, hidden watermark, so potential leaks can be traced back to the source. Another, perhaps even more effective preventive measure that was used by some studios is the SV-300, a custom-made DVD player that’s been in use since 2004.

The player is developed by Cinea, a division of Dolby Laboratories, and it is used to play encrypted disks that will only play on this particular player. The SV-300 makes it nearly impossible to copy and leak a screener, but surprisingly, the developer decided to phase out the machine because of the negative feedback from the Academy members. It turns out that the Oscar voters don’t like the DRM-machine because it hurts their viewing pleasure:

The machine operating the S-View software that scored few points for being user-friendly in its brief run. Its user base complained of the impracticality of having to lug the machine around on vacation during the holiday season, the height of the screening period.

So what they basically say is: “We don’t like DRM”. I can’t agree more of course, but it is kind of ironic that they tend to get more aggressive in imposing DRM on their customers because they are afraid of piracy, while they abandon this effective anti-piracy player because the DRM doesn’t allow them to watch the screeners on vacation.

Don’t think that the industry insiders are unaware of this, hypocritical as they are, they try to talk it right with some strange arguments. Industry insiders now say that Oscar screeners are not considered a primary contributor to movie piracy. This is strange because only 4 years ago Hollywood lobbied for a total ban of Oscar screeners.

I guess it’s all different when your personal viewing pleasure is at stake.



Won’t have to worry about copies getting seized by the Feds after all as his new controversial film makes its way around BitTorrent tracker sites everywhere.

A couple of days ago it was reported that Michael Moore had decided to stash a copy of his latest and greatest documentary “Sicko,” an apparently scathing expose on the US healthcare system, in Canada just in case the Feds decided to confiscate it.

He feared such a seizure because of the fact that part of the documentary was filmed in Cuba without proper authorization from the US Treasury Department. Its illegal for US citizens to travel to Cuba because of a trade embargo in place since 1962.

Moore insists he hasn’t broken any laws because he traveled to Cuba for a “journalistic endeavor.”

“We brought back 15 minutes of the movie and we’re concerned about any possible confiscation efforts,” Moore told a news conference in New York.

“We took measures a few weeks ago to place a master copy of this film in Canada so if they did take our negative we would have a duplicate negative of this film in Canada.”

Well, it would seem his concerns are no longer warranted because a DVDSCR of the film, the most magical download of them all(Oscar season anyone?), has appeared on BitTorrent tracker sites for all the world to see.

So now, even if the Treasury Dept does decide to seize his film, it looks like there will be plenty of copies to go around.


there are two kinds of movies: good ones and bad ones

and once in a while i find a movie that are really great….  in the 60’s sergio leone, a italian director, filmed one of my all time favorite movies ever. it was called the good, the bad and the ugly. it’s the kind of movie that i can easily watch over and over and still find it great and fresh.

great story, great actors, great directing and a absolutely oustanding soundtrack by ennio morricone.

the ecstasy of gold (live)

the ecstasy of gold (verona concerto)

tuco in the graveyard

the final duel – heavy spoilers

Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo – arena concerto

yesterday diamond surprised us with the long waited release of the good sheperd dvdrip. it’s now available at your prefered p2p medium.

The movie is about the early days of the CIA. basically spies in the cold war days. It stars matt damon, angelina jolie, robert deniro, alec baldwin, william hurt and joe pesci.


Release info – The Good Shepherd

RELEASE DATE : 03.16.07
STORE DATE : 04.03.07
GENRE : Drama/Thriller
RUNTiME : 167 mins
RATiNG : 6.9/8,584 votes
# SCREENiNGS : 2,218 (WIDE)

ViDEO : 713 kbps xvid
AUDiO : 448 kbps 6 chan ac3
RESOLUTiON : 656×272 (2.41:1)
# DiSCS : 2

Interview: aXXo, The Most Popular DVD Ripper on BitTorrent

For those of you who never heard of aXXo, he is responsible for hundreds of DVDrips that find their way to millions of PCs around the world. Most of the rips are 700MB, made to fit on a single CD. Some have criticized his preference for single CD rips because of the inferior video quality, but most pirates agree that he does a great job.

 Earlier this year aXXo temporarily stopped uploading movies because was trying to profit from his name. After a few weeks that site went down, and aXXo continued releasing DVDrips.

Most of the time it is impossible to track down the source of DVDrips, especially with people from the scene. But aXXo is not a member of the scene, and although was not very talkative either, he was at least willing to answer a few questions.

TorrentFreak: What motivates you to share these movies?
 aXXo: Not everyone can afford $8.50, or whatever it costs these days, to see movies.

TorrentFreak: Dont you think that ripping and uploading these (copyrighted) movies is wrong?
aXXo: The movie industry loses only 1% of its yearly profits, in a multi-BILLION dollar industry. I think the people who cant afford movies deserve to be entertained just like more privileged people.

TorrentFreak: Are you alone in this, Or do you get help from others?
aXXo: I have help, I could never do this alone of course.

TorrentFreak: What do you think of sites that (mis)use your name, like
aXXo: They can go to Hell, we are here for the community, and will never ask anything in return.

TorrentFreak: How can people tell if the torrent is not a scam, or a fake torrent? aXXo:
aXXo torrents will never be a RAR archive, and the torrents will always contain 3 files.

TorrentFreak: Where do you get the movies, and do you use scene releases as well? aXXo:

TorrentFreak: Okay, perhaps this one is easier to answer. What is your favorite BitTorrent site?
aXXo: I like TorrentBox.

TorrentFreak: Anything you want to add to this?
aXXo: Just a quick note: I have been hearing cases of the people being tracked by downloading fake aXXo torrents, so please be careful! If youre not sure if its legit, DONT DOWNLOAD.

TorrentFreak: Thanks!
aXXo: Youre welcome.

Blood Diamond


Ripper……: Team ViTE
Genre………: Drama/Thriller
Video Codec.: XViD
Runtime…….: 143 mins
Video Format: 2Pass 905kb/s
Rating [IMDb].: 7.8/10 (19.275)
Audio Codec.: AC3
Disks………: 2CD 98x15mb
Audio Format: 448bps
DVD Release…: 03/20/2007
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
XViD Release..: 03/05/2007
Frame Size..: 576×240
US Theatre Rel: 12/08/2006

personal and (very) short review here about the movie.

Man Faces Jail for Uploading Oscar Screener | TorrentFreak:

Salvador Nunez Jr. has a special sister. As a member of The International Animated Film Society and an Oscars voter, she is one of the privileged few who gain access to the latest movies far in advance of the general public.

In January, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences received a tip off that Flushed Away had been uploaded to the internet. According to VCDQuality – a site providing news relating to the availability and quality of pirated movies on the internet – the first copy appeared on 22nd December 2006 with a second report 2 days later.

Unfortunately for Nunez, the movie contained a digital watermark and although watermarks are usually removed by the Scene release group to protect its source (via a process called de-dotting), in this case this clearly did not happen. Its a possibility that Nunez was unaware of the presence of a watermark and decided to go it alone by releasing the movie without the support and experience of an established Scene release group. This approach has been taken before with DVD screeners, with disastrous consequences. Whatever the reason, the watermark not only identified the copy as an Academy screener but also allowed it to be traced back to his sister.


THEATRE DATE : 12.10.06 (USA)
RELEASE DATE : 02.16.07
STORE DATE : 03.13.07
GENRE : Comedy/Romance
RUNTiME : 138 mins
RATiNG : 6.6/7,604 votes
# SCREENiNGS : 2,614 (WIDE)
ViDEO : 992 kbps xvid
AUDiO : 448 kbps ac3
RESOLUTiON : 656×352 (1.86:1)
# DiSCS : 2


Released ……… 07/02/07        Video Format ……… XviD 
Store Date US ……… N/A        Video Bitrate ……… 927
Genre .Crime/Thriller/Drama        Video Resolution .. 608×256 
Runtime ………. 141 mins        Aspect …………. 2.35:1 
Frame Rate …… 25.00 fps        Subtitles ………….. NO 
Audio Format …… CBR AC3        IMDB …. 7.4/10 7223 votes 
Audio Bitrate ….. 448 kbs        Archives …….. 2x50x15MB