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i’ve been using ubuntu for years now, since the warthog version (2005 i guess). through all this time the experience has been quite satisfactory and i do recommend this distro for both novice and expert users who really want some thing easy to install and use. it has good hardware support, it has apt and it has a great forum with tons of information.

however i’ve been struggling lately with the release cycle philosophy. there for i’ve been leaning to the rolling distro approach.

so i began my search and turned my attention to archlinux. So far it complies with all my requirements. i will start digging more, on a possible move in this direction (possible hardware compatibility issues mainly).

i will probably dump gnome also. i need a more lightweight desktop for my eeepc 901 and don’t really want to maintain two different DE (i’ll migrate a 9” eeepc and a 15” laptop). At this point i’m considering openbox or maybe a tilling window manager such as awesome or xmonad. it remains to be seen.


Para todos os saudosistas aqui fica um cheirinho do primeiro RTS game de sempre…. Dune II da westwood. grande vicio!!!

Driving in the morning


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