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Talk given by Allan McRae about arch linux @ sinfo XX (2013.02)


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I was installing a package from aur today (with yaourt), when i ran out of space in my /tmp partition. the computer is a 901 eee-pc runnig arch linux. the /tmp partition as only 60MB in size so its prone to kind of situation i guess. what it happened was that i ran out of space while building the package.

to solve the problem decided to manually build the package. the solution was to copy the entire yaourt tmp dir (/tmp/yaourt***something) to my home dir and continue the process from there with the command:

$makepkg PKGBUILD

this step will build a compressed package *.pkg.tar.xz.

to install simply did (as root):

#pacman -U package_name.pkg.tar.xz

more info on pkgbuild here

i’ve been using ubuntu for years now, since the warthog version (2005 i guess). through all this time the experience has been quite satisfactory and i do recommend this distro for both novice and expert users who really want some thing easy to install and use. it has good hardware support, it has apt and it has a great forum with tons of information.

however i’ve been struggling lately with the release cycle philosophy. there for i’ve been leaning to the rolling distro approach.

so i began my search and turned my attention to archlinux. So far it complies with all my requirements. i will start digging more, on a possible move in this direction (possible hardware compatibility issues mainly).

i will probably dump gnome also. i need a more lightweight desktop for my eeepc 901 and don’t really want to maintain two different DE (i’ll migrate a 9” eeepc and a 15” laptop). At this point i’m considering openbox or maybe a tilling window manager such as awesome or xmonad. it remains to be seen.