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From https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=19640

Restart router in failsafe mode (differs by router, but for the WRT54GL and other linksys):
1. restart router, when DMZ light comes on, hold reset for 3 seconds until DMZ light starts flashing.
2. at this point connect computer directly to port 1 on router.
3. give computer static ip of
4. restart networking on computer.
5. run: telnet -l root
Run ‘firstboot’
Run ‘sync’
Run ‘passwd’ to reset root password.
Fix computer networking and restart the router.
Now log in as normal.

to get static ip with ip tools:
Manual assignment
Enable the network interface:
# ip link set interface up

Assign a static IP address in the console:
# ip addr add IP_address/subnet_mask broadcast broadcast_address dev interface

For example:
# ip addr add broadcast dev interface

For more options, see man ip.
Add your gateway IP address like so:
# ip route add default via default_gateway

For example:
# ip route add default via


openwrt router as wireless client bridge – procedure
1. flash the router with openwrt firmware (kamikaze version in my case)
2. config the hardware to connect to an existing router as a wireless client bridge
3. connect the wired hardware to the client bridge

information links:
to flash the openwrt



to config the router as wireless client bridge





as a test run i’m currently watching “assassin’s” through the network (1.4GB avi DVDRiP 480p over a G wireless
network). streaming is fine. Going to test a matroska later on.

matroska update: the streaming of a 720p mkv is a bit more slugish, but still watchable as far as i see. some speed
testing are needed i guess.


0) install a telnet and a tftp client (pacman -S tftp-hpa and pacman -S inetutils)

i) download openwrt image (*.bin)

ii) power down the router

iii) conect a linux PC to a LAN port of router

iv) set your ip to

ifconfig eth0:1 netmask

v) order your tftp client to begin pushing the firmware to the router (once every second for 60 seconds). issue the following commands:

rexmt 1
timeout 60
Packet tracing on.
tftp> put openwrt-xxx-x.x-xxx.bin

vi) power up the router. if all goes well the router will start the boot and will open to receive the new firmware.
vii) wait a few minutes. the router will reboot once the flashing is complete.
viii) reset ETH0 to “regular” mode

ifconfig eth0:1 down

ix) telnet to router and set root password

#passwd (then type new root pass)

x) if you wish you may ssh the router at this point

<pre>ssh -l root

or you may go to the webgui to finish the configuration (point browser to


for extra info check: