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mpg123 keyboard control

mpg123 keyboard shortcuts (requires -C switch):

-= terminal control keys =-
[s] or [ ] interrupt/restart playback (i.e. ‘pause’)
[f] next track
[d] previous track
[b] back to beginning of track
[p] pause while looping current sound chunk
[.] forward
[,] rewind
[:] fast forward
[;] fast rewind
[>] fine forward
[<] fine rewind
[+] volume up
[-] volume down
[r] RVA switch
[v] verbose switch
[l] list current playlist, indicating current track there
[t] display tag info (again)
[m] print MPEG header info (again)
[h] this help
[q] quit
[c] or [C] pitch up (small step, big step)
[x] or [X] pitch down (small step, big step)
[w] reset pitch to zero



great post about using rtorrent by K. Mandla


Aria2 commands

Aria2 is available here

Download from WEB

Download from 2 sources

BitTorrent Magnet URI

$ aria2c ‘magnet:?xt=urn:btih:248D0A1CD08284299D

Download URIs found in text file

$ aria2c -i uris.txt

mais info aqui.